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As you work towards achieving your savings goals, take some time to explore our archive of articles about money management, smart savings strategies, planning your financial future, and much more.

Set a Savings Goal and Reach It in 5 Steps

“Set up automatic deposits from your checking to each of your savings accounts.”

It’s one thing to save. It’s another to save for a specific reason. Here are five steps to help you set savings goals and reach them... Read more

How to Build a CD Ladder—and Why

“CD laddering can be an effective way to fight the temptation to spend.”

Are you looking to protect your emergency funds—from yourself? Maybe you want to diversify your portfolio? CD laddering can be an effective way to fight the temptation to spend, and bring balance to your investments...Read more

How to Save for a Home

“Take 20% of the cost of the home you can afford and you’ve got your savings goal.”

Right about now would seem like the perfect time to buy a home. Interest rates are low, which means you’ll pay less over the life of the loan. And homes are generally cheaper than they were during the housing boom. Read more

A CD Primer

“The longer the CD term, the higher the interest rate you will receive.”

Whether you’re buying a car, building an emergency fund or diversifying your portfolio, a Certificate of Deposit (CD) may be right for you. CDs keep your money safe, accessible, and earning interest. You can use them whether you need your money soon or not for many years. Plus, CDs generally offer a better rate of return than basic checking or savings accounts. Read more